New publication

Results of a comprehensive work of the ISR bio- and nanotechnology group on the environmental distribution of nanoparticles in Germany and the associated risk were published in Nature Scientific Reports. The results of this modeling study are exemplary for a highly developed industrialized country and covers a maximum period of use (1950-2050). For the first time we were able to compare predicted environmental concentrations with first initial measurements from waterbodies. (Link to the article)

Giese, B., Klaessig, F., Park, B., Kaegi, R., Steinfeldt, M., Wigger, H., von Gleich, A., Gottschalk, F., (2018). Risks, Release and Concentrations of Engineered Nanomaterial in the Environment. Nature Scientific Reports 8:1565 DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-19275-4.