The Viral Era

Bernd Giese recently published an article titled “The viral era” in EMBO reports under the category ‘Science & Society’. In it, Dr. Giese impressively discusses the developments of modern technologies away from direct human influence towards increasingly autonomous systems. The article illustrates several bio-control techniques, from sterile insect technique (SIT), to gene drives, to viral applications such as Horizontal Environmental Genetic Alteration Agents (HEGAA). The article concludes with a call for adequate safeguards and asking whether our understanding of nature is sufficient for comprehensive management of ecological and socio-ecological systems.

The article is freely available under open access policy, here.

Science Peace Security ’21

Science Peace Security ’21

Das ISR nimmt auch dieses Jahr wieder an der Konferenz Science Peace Security, dieses Mal COVID-bedingt nur online teil. Die Beiträge des ISR lauten dieses Mal:

Crucial knowledge gaps in viral vectored crop plant genome editing –Poster

Gene Drive Modelling – Suitable for Environmental Risk Assessment – Talk

Proliferation resistant shaping of new nuclear technology – A remedy for dangers of civil-military ambivalent nuclear technology? – Talk

Das Book of Abstracts kann hier von der Homepage der SPS’21 heruntergeladen werden.

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