EIA Akkuju

Turkey is planning to build its first nuclear power plants at the Akkuyu Site, at the moment four units of type VVER 1200 are envisaged. An “Environmental Impact Assessment” (EIA) was carried out, and the results were presented in August 2013.

Greenpeace Turkey translated parts of the EIA into English, mostly related to spent fuel, spent fuel storage and transport and asked the Institute of Safety and Risk Research (ISR) for an assessment on these parts. Should the EIA leave questions in the mentioned areas unanswered, the ISR should adress those.

The present project is therefore based upon the translated parts of the EIA, which Greenpeace Turkey provided. The EIA was assessed against common practice, or best practice, when writing an environmental impact assessment. The question “what is common practice” was answered by open literature research (literature available on the internet), and expert knowledge within the ISR.

The report sorts the questions into the following groups:

  • “Safety Requirements”,
  • “Core Damage Frequency”,
  • “External Hazards: Airplane crash”,
  • “Management of Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste”,
  • “High Level Radioactive Waste (HLRW): Temporary Storage of the Spent Fuel (SF) Assemblies in Spent Fuel Storage Facility (SFSF)
  • “Storage Of Spent Nuclear Fuel On The Site”
  • “Transportation of SFAs to Russian Federation”
  • “Long term management of spent fuel and High Level Waste (HLW) from Potential reprocessing

Contact: Müllner Nikolaus

Universität für Bodenkultur Wien