Neue Institutsleitung 2


Ab 1. Dezember 2012 bereichert Wolfgang Renneberg das Institut. Als stellvertretender Institutsleiter liegen seine Forschungsschwerpunkte auf nuklearer Sicherheit und Risikomanagement.

Wolfgang Renneberg arbeitete mehr als 20 Jahre in der deutschen Atomaufsicht und war von 1998 bis 2009 Leiter der Abteilung Reaktorsicherheit, Strahlenschutz und Entsorgung.



Referendum on nuclear power in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria a national referendum “Yes” or “No” to development of nuclear power and construction of a new nuclear power plant is scheduled for 27 January 2012.
The ruling party (GERB) and the main opposition party (BSP) are proponents of nuclear power and they will advocate for “Yes”.
The center – right parties (DSB and coalition) are opponents to nuclear power and set an Initiating Committee that will organize an information campaign for Bulgarian public to vote with “No”. ( )
Dr. Kastchiev, who is a senior scientist in the Institute of Safety and Risk Sciences, was invited to be a member of the opponent initiating committee. In 1997 – 2001 Dr. Kastchiev was a Head of Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

As part of the information campaign prior to the referendum, Mrs. Rebecca Harms -the Co-President of the GREENS/EFA in the European Parliament- will host a press-conference and several public events in Bulgaria in order to inform the public about the risks of an extension of nuclear power use. Mrs Harms invited Dr. Kastchiev to join her and to act as a speaker at these events.

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